To Close or Not to Close…

As closing has drawn closer, I’ve been sweating the fact that something is bound to go wrong. My offer was accepted too quickly, nothing major turned up in the inspection- so my hiccup must come in the closing, right? Right. It’s the day before closing and I’m feeling pretty confident that I must be one of the lucky few for whom house-buying goes smoothly. But, the sweet lies we all tell ourselves!

I received a phone call from my agent informing me that not only would we not be closing tomorrow, but our closing date is now indefinite. As I understand it, the seller filed for bankruptcy in 2006, but the debt was never accepted/cleared and she cannot sell the house until it is. The rest pretty much fell on numb ears but “court dates,” “postponed indefinitely,” and “find other possibilities” were all phrases I can recall from this conversation. I’m not ready to let Moody go, before our adventure has even begun…


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