Elyse & Fay

Hello and Welcome!

The Moody House is a roughly 1000 sqft bungalow in south-of-the-river Richmond, Virginia.

It’s sure-to-be eventful renovation will be conducted by myself (Elyse), my roommate Fay and my husky, The Storm Bringer (the demolition expert).

The idea behind the Moody House is to get my toes wet in the house “flipping” business. I have been intrigued by the redevelopment concept for many years, and I need to live somewhere. I will be make updates and renovations to this house while living in it, and hope to be able to make enough profit to repeat the experience- assuming that I’ll still want to!

This is my first fixer-upper, so please feel free to pipe in with comments, suggestions or inspirational ideas.


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